Combination Lefauchaux Pinfire Revolver and Sword

  • Dated: circa 1800
  • Measurements: overall length 26 3/4 inches; blade length 18 1/2 inches; barrel length 3 1/2 inch round

Manufactured in Paris, France, this weapon combines a short bladed sword with a six-shot pepperbox revolver. The blade has a short double fullers leading to single fullers which run the rest of the length, panels of etched scrollwork on each side.

There also an etched scene of a deer in the woods on the left ricasso and the inscription “ALFREDO HEROUARD/LIMA”, which is the mark of a Portuguese agent and importer. The latter can be found on the right ahead of the revolver barrel.

The barrel runs along the right side of the blade, signed “E Lefauchaux a Paris” on top, with the serial number and a swiveling ejector rod on the front, a hinged loading gate at the rear, smooth hooked trigger and a checkered hammer.

The silver guard and pommel cap are engraved with scroll designs, and the grips are checkered ebony with a silver finished escutcheon. Two identical swords, complete with Herouard retailer mark and sheaths, are pictured on page 194 of “The Pinfire System” by Smith & Curtis.

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Parade Partisan 

  • Dated: 18th century
  • Culture: German
  • Medium & Technique: blued, etched and gilded steel, wooden haft with original steel base spike, silk tassel with alternating blue and gold bands
  • Measurements: overall length 258.45 cm (101 3/4 inches); weight 3.68 kg
  • Inscriptions: AUGUST WILHELM/DG DUX BRUNS EA LUNEB [August Wilhelm, by the Grace of God Duke of Bunswich and Lüneburg]; 1718 HAW II [Herzog August Wilhelm]; PARTA TVERI [Defend your acquisitions]

The partisan was used by the Bodyguard of August Wilhelm, Duke of Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel [1662-1731].

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